A horse-drawn carriage ride from Méribel-Mottaret

A horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow

Following the lead of a 400-year old tradition, the horse-drawn carriage is an elegant vehicle that is ideal for all your excursions. Allow yourself to be pulled along by a draft horse, one step at a time, towards your destination in the great adventure of a horse-drawn carriage ride. Enjoy this thrilling experience in a comfortable seat, and escape from the everyday with an extraordinary experience.

An escapade departing from the Méribel-Mottaret ski resort

A few minutes from our establishment Hôtel AlpenRuitor, you’ll find Lac de Tueda, the crown jewel of Méribel Mottaret, where your adventure will unfold. Comfortably nestled in your seat, you’ll glide over the snow to the pace of your four-legged companion’s gait without making the slightest effort.

As you listen to the sound of the snow crackling under the horse’s hooves, enjoy this romantic or family escapade with your loved ones to share this fabulous tour of the heart of the Les Trois Vallées area. Your communion with the draft horse and the breath-taking landscapes you’ll discover make this day unforgettable.

A beautiful excursion in the company of adorable animals

Before you leave for the ride, pay a little visit to the horses, whose characters are so touching: take the time to pet or hug one. They will trust you even more, and will find a way to express it to you!
During this odyssey, admire the beauty of these horses, who move forward on the powder with finesse; and contemplate the snowy mountains surrounding Lac de Tueda.

The pure air of the high altitudes and the magic of this snowy horse-drawn carriage ride experience make the entire day as prestigious as it was when you woke up at the heart of the Les Trois Vallées area.

At the end of this escapade, the horse will happily bring you back to the entrance of our establishment at Hôtel AlpenRuitor in Méribel-Mottaret. Before leaving, don’t forget to thank your furry companion with a little pat, which you’ll both enjoy.

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